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Suherdjoko (Jakarta post office)

Purbalingga, Central Java ●
Sun 21 August 2022


Police arrested 34 illegal gambling suspects in two raids on Thursday and Friday in Central Java, including six suspects from an alleged online gambling ring in Bojongsari district, Purbalingga regency.

“One of the suspects acquired his skills in Cambodia. Then he [started] exploitation of the Purbalingga ring. The main server is in Cambodia,” said Central Java Police Chief Insp. General Ahmad Lutfi said on Saturday.

The other suspects were arrested in the regencies of Rembang, Pemalang, Banjarnegara, Pati and Magelang.

Regional police forces have carried out raids and arrested suspects on the instructions of the national police chief, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, to eradicate gambling in the country, including accomplices who finance the illicit operations.

Police had targeted “not only gamblers and bookmakers, but also those who support them,” Listyo said in a statement uploaded to the National Police Instagram account on Thursday.

The police chief’s instruction came amid unverified rumors that former internal affairs chief Insp. General Ferdy Sambo and many high-ranking officers supported illegal online gambling. Speculation was especially high in social media posts referring to “Kekaisaran Sambo” (Sambo Empire) and “Konsorsium 303” (Consortium 303).

The ‘303’ number refers to the gambling section of the Penal Code, while Ferdy is a key suspect in the ongoing investigation into the murder of Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat in July.

Asked about the rumours, National Police spokesman Insp. General Dedi Prasetyo responded on Friday, quoted by kompa: “in principle, we have always been tough on ‘social diseases'” such as alcohol, gangs, drugs and gambling. (dre)

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