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Premiering in the Balkans between the 22nd and 25th of this month, SiGMA is a global leader in all things iGaming. Growing exponentially since its debut in 2014 in the Malta iGaming Network, the Summit has become an international hub for iGaming operators, affiliates, innovators, investors and entrepreneurs. This article will cover some of the main reasons why SiGMA is the exposure the Balkan has been looking for.

Why SiGMA: Global network with a start-up heart

Growing from a local iGaming conference in 2014 to 13,500 delegates, 800 sponsors and exhibitors as well as 400 speakers under one roof, SiGMA continues to grow but still remains entrepreneurial.

Geographically, the Summit is now making its debut in every corner of the globe. From snowy Toronto to brilliant Dubai, the industry-leading expo hosted all the big players from every part of the iGaming ecosystem. Beyond that, our network of industry leaders, serial entrepreneurs, accomplished investors and inspiring thought leaders led the charge on the future of the industry through our keynotes and panel discussions. .

Why SiGMA: a hub of innovation and enterprise

Going beyond the present of the iGaming industry, SiGMA is well known for being proactive and forward-looking. The summit includes a healthy presence of Deep Tech operators, innovative technologists and visionary founders ready, willing and able to use the cutting edge of Blockchain, AI, quantum computing and more. From Quantum-enabled esports betting to crypto payment providers, SiGMA has everything you need to stay above the competition.

With SiGMA’s sister summit, AIBC Summit, debuting alongside SiGMA in the same venue, the Deep Tech potential is limitless. Focusing primarily on blockchain and artificial intelligence, but extending to IoT, quantum computing and several others, AIBC is a networking hub and thought leadership platform for anyone who are looking to get started in the technology of tomorrow.

Why SIGMA: a platform for start-ups

Featured in the SiGMA and AIBC Summits, our Start-Up Pitches combine the best showmanship in the industry with leading visionaries from the iGaming and Deep Tech ecosystems. Created a competition in which the top 100 start-up candidates from each industry challenge each other for the grand prize of up to $500,000 in equity investment and a benefits portfolio.

SiGMA is also a partner of the ever-innovative UK-based venture capital firm, Ikigai Ventures. Physically present at each summit, the Ikigai show is the meeting place for the best space investors.

Why SiGMA: World Class Media Exposure

Our reach being global, our media presence is also international with a wide range of thought leaders, senior executives and visionaries driving the industry forward. From top-notch podcasts to a spot in the world-renowned SiGMA magazine, attending the Summit is a fast way to grow far beyond the Balkans.

Driven by our elite in-house media team of videographers, content specialists, documentarians and journalists, SiGMA has mastered the art of giving our sponsors, exhibitors and trailblazers their time in the spotlight.

Why SiGMA: Network with the Best in the Business

As they say, your network is your net worth. To that end, SiGMA is a leading connector as well as the place to be seen. Attend networking dinners and investor brunches with some of the greatest minds in the industry, our delegates never leave a summit without forging new partnerships or making friends in high places. From respected regulators to serial entrepreneurs who call The Summit home, come grow your network with us!

If you want to celebrate in style, our world famous awards night is the place to be. Letting the best and the brightest have their chance in the limelight, the awards night is both a brilliant platform for our industry leaders as well as an incredible marketing opportunity for sponsors.

Interested now? Join us in Belgrade

Renowned for its beautiful landscapes, delicious cuisine, rich culture and penchant for parties, the Balkans have been sought after by tourists and tasteful entrepreneurs alike, with an eye on the growing iGaming ecosystem that lives in the region. As the home of the global gaming community, the SiGMA conference is widely known for its insightful panels, inspiring keynotes, plentiful investment and networking opportunities, and the chance to do it all while having fun. Join us in Belgrade for the best of the industry and for a window into the future of global gaming. To learn more about sponsorship and speaking opportunities or to inquire about attending the event, please contact Sophie at

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