Korean online gambling boss arrested in QC -BI


The Immigration Bureau (BI) has announced the arrest of a South Korean fugitive wanted by Seoul authorities for operating an illegal internet gambling site.

In a report to Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente, BI’s Fugitive Search Unit (FSU) identified the foreigner as Lee Jaehun, 45, who was arrested at a shopping complex in Brgy on Tuesday. Holy Spirit, Quezon City.

Lee was arrested on a warrant that Morente issued under a summary deportation order signed in March 2017, labeling Lee as an unwanted alien and having exceeded his length of stay.

It has been established that Lee has been in the country for almost a decade, as records show he last arrived here in 2012.

According to acting BI-FSU chief Rendel Ryan Sy, Lee is the subject of an arrest warrant issued by the Changwon District Court in South Korea nearly five years ago after being charged with ” breaking the law of his country against illegal gambling.

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Korean online gambling boss arrested in QC -BI

Sy said Lee was accused of conspiring with other suspects to operate an online server where customers would gamble by betting on the results of sports competitions.

South Korean authorities placed the amount of money players wagered on the site from January 2015 to October 2016 at more than 1.4 trillion won, or about $ 1.17 million.

Sy also reported that Lee’s passport had already been revoked by the Korean government, making him an undocumented foreigner.

The fugitive is currently being held at the BI detention center at Bagong Diwa camp in Taguig city, pending the implementation of the deportation order issued against him.

He was also placed on the immigration blacklist and banned from returning to the Philippines.

“There is no vacation for our agents,” Morente said. “If you are a foreign national staying here illegally, it is best to legalize your stay before the holidays, unless you want to spend it to be arrested and deported,” he warned.

Source: Immigration Office, Republic of the Philippines

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