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Realtime Planetary Renderer SDK

Learn advanced OpenGL, develop custom game and render engines in-house faster, using our real-time planetary renderer SDK.

These days you never really own anything, even if you bought it outright, I believe in ownership and true possession of anything you produce. That’s why I decided to bring back buy once, own it forever.

— Stephanie Michaels

HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, Aug. 11, 2022 / — Stephanie Michaels Software, founded in 2020 by Stephanie Michaels, now offers its industry-leading SDK to Independent Software Engineers, Game Development Studios, OpenGL Professors and C++ as well as students of graphical programming and computer science. This hugely beneficial move to make their real-time planetary renderer SDK available to everyone, was first announced earlier this year in February 2022.

Stephanie Michaels, creator of the Real-Time Planetary Rendering Engine SDK, is passionate about computer graphics and photorealistic real-time rendering in particular. They wanted to showcase a software development kit (SDK) that greatly simplifies and improves the speed at which game development studios can create their own in-house game engines to use to create their own royalty-free games. YES! Royalty-free!

The way The Stephanie Michaels Software Company does business is perhaps what makes its services truly unique and groundbreaking. In a world where most software companies charge their customers annual fees or endless royalties, The Stephanie Michaels Software Company has decided to keep sales of all its software products, the old fashioned way. This means you buy once and own it forever. No annual fees, no subscription base, no royalties.

“These days it’s like you never really own anything, even if you just buy it outright, I believe in ownership and actual possession of what you create and everything That’s why I’ve decided to bring the Buy Once, Own Forever business module back into software development or game design.” – Stephanie Michaels, founder of the software company Stephanie Michaels.

Truly amazing and a breath of fresh air! Today, developers can learn more about the SDK on the company’s website at or on GUMROAD.

1. The real-time planetary renderer SDK is powered by Modern OpenGL 4.6 and the languages ​​used are Pure C++. The project is further unique in that it comes in a very lightweight package of less than 3 GB for the whole SDK and built in less than 2 minutes using CMAKE. The SDK and its complete source code are sold on the Stephanie Michaels Software Company website as a course with detailed video documentation teaching developers how to use CMAKE to build the project for Visual Studio and how to get started with the SDKs.

2. The Real-time Planetary Render Engine SDK is a highly advanced engine that is intelligently designed to allow software developers and game developers to use even entry-level gaming PCs to run the engine. Yes that’s right ! If the developer even has an Nvidia GTX 1050 with 3 Gig V-Ram, the SDK will work flawlessly and power up quickly even on a starter gaming PC with a dedicated graphics card. The SDK works great on laptops or desktop gaming PCs.

3. Free Live Trials! The developer can request a 2 hour live test session with Stephanie to test the SDK remotely. Stephanie strongly encourages all software engineers interested in the SDK to contact The Stephanie Michaels Software Company and request a free trial. During the free trial, Stephanie will be there remotely, via zoom, to answer any questions the customer may have in real time. Once the customer is happy with the trial and ready to purchase a license, the customer can go to the courses page to select a license to purchase. Once the customer has made a purchase, they will have full access to the course and will receive a link to download the full SDK.

4. 100% customizable and extendable SDK! This part, the developers will really appreciate! Not only is the Real-Time Planetary Renderer SDK very easy to set up on your computer, but it’s also 100% extensible and customizable. Software company Stephanie Michaels provides many add-ons that software engineers can download and add to the SDK. The developer can add real-time volumetric clouds, real-time volumetric oceans, physics-based rendering, image-based lighting, and high dynamic range. Just as the customer can add more functionality, the customer can also remove any functionality from the SDK that is not needed.

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Realtime Planetary Renderer SDK

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