Texas poker room reopens with health safety procedures in place


Texas poker room The Lodge Card Club in Round Rock will reopen on Monday, May 18. Poker players entering the establishment should be made aware of the establishment’s new health safety procedures.

At least one Texas poker room is slated to reopen next week. (Image: LinkedIn)

Amusement parks statewide and nationwide have been closed since mid-March due to the coronavirus. And while it is likely that most will remain closed for a while, some poker rooms, including The Lodge, are slowly starting to reopen. In Phoenix, for example, the popular Talking Stick Resort sent a memo to its employees letting them know when the poker room will reopen on June 1.

Arizona’s largest cardroom, Talking Stick, will limit its capacity to 50%, at least for now. Five more casinos in the Phoenix area have already reopened, but without poker games. Many other casinos are aiming for a reopening date of Memorial Day weekend or soon after. But a Texas poker room is slated to reopen, with restrictions, in less than two days.

Texas poker room rolls the dice

The Lone Star State has nearly 48,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, according to the CDC, but many residents are anxious to get back to the felt.

The Lodge in Round Rock, a town just north of Austin, will initially only allow six-player matches in an effort to meet social distancing guidelines. To achieve this goal, the Card Club will also limit capacity to 75 people, including staff members.

If attendance exceeds 75 people, security will ask some club members to wait in their vehicles until there is space available inside the poker room.

The poker club is also putting in place additional coronavirus prevention measures, including forcing staff to wear face masks, refusing to serve those with any type of illness, forcing customers to disinfect their hands on the spot. entry and regularly cleaning and disinfecting fleas.

Texas gambling halls operate differently from most states due to the strict gambling laws of the Lone Star State. Instead of raking, which would be illegal, companies operate like clubs and require players to pay for a membership. At the Lodge, daily admission costs $ 10. The club also offers an entrance fee of $ 25 per month and $ 200 per year to those who frequent the facility.

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