Ways to grow online gaming in 2022


The online gaming industry has been the most important part of the iGaming industry. It has seen remarkable growth and evolution over the years. If you check the last decade, the changes have been phenomenal. However, there is still room to grow.

With so many innovations and trends ranging from cryptocurrency to metaverse, a new realm of possibilities has opened up the online gambling industry. Let’s see how recent trends and reshaping of online platforms can strengthen the industry. More importantly, how 2022 can be an opportunity to receive commendable revenue growth:

Here is a brief overview of the emerging trends that we will see more of in the industry:

  • Cryptocurrency is the latest integration

There is no doubt that cryptocurrency is becoming the norm around the world. With this in mind, casinos have started to implement various methods to use it on their platforms. Bitcoin is undoubtedly used, and the term “Bitcoin casinos” is also becoming very popular.

Therefore, any gaming platform should add bitcoin or expand into cryptocurrency to thrive in the future. Here are some other pointers:

  • Online casinos are adding payment methods that allow users to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency.
  • There are bonuses and rewards in the form of crypto or BTC.
  • In 2021, there were gambling tournaments with $1 million worth of BTC as a reward.
  • Live and interactive game

The online gambling industry thrived on the convenience it provided. You could stay home, in the comfort of your bed, and use your fingertips to make a bet. However, it has become quite normal for the industry. Thus, live and interactive play takes its place.

People are looking for online gambling where they can have a realistic experience. If a live dealer deals with them and live players join the game, they are more likely to play. They are also looking for real-world implementation. In other words, realistic casinos, 3D interactivity and other similar factors will become major contributors to the success of an online gambling platform.

  • Mobile games and smartwatches

PCs, laptops and web browsers are becoming “old” technology. Today, all gambling enthusiasts want easy access on mobile. Mobile games and gaming apps have become widespread all over the world.

The gaming industry needs to incorporate better mobile gaming features to keep up with the trends. Placing bets on smartwatches is also possible in today’s world. It would be ideal for the iGaming industry to adopt it.

These practices can help almost any gaming platform grow their player base:

  • Ability to access restricted countries

Adding crypto payment methods will mean having a “decentralized” currency. Since it is not recognized as real money, the gambling industry can take advantage of the legality.

In many countries, gambling is prohibited or restricted due to the exchange of money. Cryptocurrency is not under the authority of any government. It will not be treated as real money.

Thus, players can gamble in these restricted regions, as long as gambling or betting is not inherently prohibited. This opens up countless opportunities for the gaming industry to acquire new players globally.

  • Adapt to the new generation

The new era of technology will also bring a new generation of gamers. This is the generation of people who grew up playing video games and using PCs or cell phones. As a result, they won’t want plain old games and interactivity.

Understanding their needs, if something like the interactivity of a game console could be added to the gambling spectrum, gamers would admire it. It could also mean finding new ways to play games and bet.

For example, betting on various games from DOTA 2 to CS:GO is not unheard of. Providing these players with an official platform would be a remarkable growth in the gaming industry.

Of course, offering bonuses and rewards is a great way to outshine competitors. You may have heard of $30 No Deposit Casino rewards. However, many platforms do. Every gambling company or casino would be looking for a way to stand out. Here are some potential practices:

  • Potential in virtual reality

For an individual game company, now would be a good time to invest in virtual reality. Metaverse is in virtual reality, and with constant growth, we can expect a lot to happen in the world of virtual reality.

So expanding into virtual reality, especially Metaverse, would be the right course of action. However, there are other types of VR as well, and using VR equipment to provide gamers with an interactive gaming experience can work very well for the industry.

Interactive games, virtual reality gambling and next-gen games all help to enhance the experience. However, there is still an age-old practice of visuals and graphics. Indeed, a significant improvement in the visuals, graphics, and overall theme of the game hub will set any platform apart from the rest.

Realistic graphics and themed games could attract players and bring them into an immersive world. Improving the experience is not just about providing the functionality or integrating the trends, but also about making the platform look good.

  • New games in the collection

Inevitably, classic games and game methods will always excel. There will always be a demand for these, but there is also a need for new types of games. Even the gambling industry uses the game by offering loot boxes that depend on probability and chance.

Similar interactive games or new rules, especially authentic or cultural games, can significantly help a casino stand out from other competitors. If you can offer something that other casinos can’t, you will thrive.

2022 can be a big year for the gaming industry. It can be the start of a great decade and the growth of the sector by the multiple facets. With the above points, revenues are expected to increase by the end of the year.

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